The Bluewater Cowboys

More than just country music!

the bluewater cowboy duo

The Bluewater Cowboys have grown in popularity each year since 2013, and are a class leading duo in the Newcastle, NSW and Hunter Valley area, their quality shows and reputation are second to none.

Specialising in all kinds of country music from the classic older styles of classic country through to the more modern styles. They also have a huge rock n roll following and perform a lot of dancing music for rock n roll, line dancing and classic ballroom and partner dancing.

Adam's style is very unique with a vibrant energy, with 4 studio country albums under his belt and award winning vocals you'll truly enjoy his music. Sam has a knack for making people "sing-along" with him, sometimes even getting up on-stage with him and dancing and singing along to his all-time favourites.

Together you get a perfect blend and a truly unique show, where you just don't know what you're going to get, but you know it's going to be extremely good fun (as no two shows are the same).

The boys work directly with Workers Clubs, RSL's, Bowling Clubs and Seniors Communities (no entertainment agents, means less inflated pricing, hence savings for you), and they perform the full 3 hours on-stage singing, that's right, no breaks in between sets so your patrons can up and leave (hence more over the bar money for clubs).

If you're a patron of a club, or a club manager and would like us to perform at your local venue, get in touch and we'll do our best to accommodate.


The Bluewater Cowboys - More Than Just Country!


Ph: 0418 433 356