The Bluewater Cowboys

More than just country music!

the bluewater cowboy duo

The Bluewater Cowboys are one of Australia's most loved duo's for rock n roll, new vogue, line dancing and country music. Not only do they LOVE and specialize in country music, they also cover many genre's (including their own originals) for dancing or just sitting back and enjoying a relaxing night out.

Consequently their concerts have a very broad following and appeal to all ages and walks of life. You will often hear them singing, anything from upbeat country line dancing songs, a touch of rock n roll, right through to beautiful ballads and old time crooning songs for the seniors (and everything in between).

Adam is a seasoned performer & recording artist and loves performing his original country songs. Sam is an all round entertainer and sings lots of the "old favourites" everyone knows and loves.

Mix their high energy performance with some great vocal harmonies, dancing and interaction and you're in for a truly fun time.

The Bluewater Cowboy duo are very popular at retirement villages and seniors functions, Bowling Clubs and RSL's.


The Bluewater Cowboys - More Than Just Country!


Ph: 0418 433 356